GPG Web of Trust and Emerging Linux Filesystems

LUV October Meeting

The Buzzard Lecture Theatre. Evan Burge Building. Trinity College Main Campus. Parkville.

October 2 2007 from 19:00 until approximately 21:00, followed by dinner.

* LUV News by “El Présidente”, Andrew Chalmers *

* GPG Web of trust *

Kristy Gray will be demonstrating a web of trust at the event and also start an ad hoc key signing.

To participate in the key signing, you will need to do some preparation and bring: a print-out of your key id, one copy for each person you want to sign your key, at least one form of photo id (but two is better!) and a pen or pencil.

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* Emerging Linux Filesystems *

The Linux kernel has long supported many varied filesystems and more are on their way, aiming to make things faster, safer, more convenient or trying to cope with growing hardware.

LinuxWorld recently asked Chris to give a number of the most promising candidates a once over for them and have kindly agreed to him presenting the results to LUV. He will cover the basics of installation, configuration & usage and some performance testing results for each of these emerging filesystems: ZFS/FUSE, btrfs, NILFS, ChunkFS, Ext4, Reiser4 and ZFS under OpenSolaris.

Chris has been playing with Linux since ’93 at the latest and can remember when the kernel sources fitted on a 1.44MB floppy disk. He has been a Unix sysadmin even longer and has run more flavours than is good for his sanity. He currently herds cats as the Systems Manager for VPAC, the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing.

Chris would like to thank Xenon Systems ( for the loan of their Linux friendly Krypton Duo HW2 as a rather nicely spec’d test system. To see how nicely you’ll need to turn up to the talk.

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