MySQL High Availability and MySQL for Database Administrators

MySQL offers a comprehensive set of MySQL training courses that give you a competitive edge in building world-class database solutions.

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MySQL High Availability

12/03/2007 – 12/05/2007 (USD 1049)

This course is designed for experienced database administrators and system architects that want to analyze and form a basis of understanding different high availability options, including clustering and replication solutions within MySQL. This course will provide the tools required to make the decision of what high availability solution is appropriate and how to implement a system with the correct design.

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MySQL for Database Administrators

10/29/2007 – 11/02/2007 (USD 1749)

This instructor led, hands-on class will teach you how to secure users privileges, set resource limitations, and access controls. In addition, you will learn multiple new 5.0 features such as creating and using Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views.

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