May AUSOM Meeting – Disk Production

Nicholas Pyers will perform a live demonstration of the Bravo Disc Publisher unit recently purchased by AUSOM for producing the Disc of the Month titles. He’ll explain how he comes up with the concept behind the titles and their content; then how he designs and creates the labels and marketing material. Finally, Nicholas will will demonstrate how he uses the Bravo Disc Publisher to physically burn and print the final disc ready for sale. All the techniques Nicholas will demonstrate and explain can be used to create a single unique disc or hundreds of identical discs.

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Interaction Design – The experience of random encounters with personal digital photos

Many people today have access to vast libraries of personal digital content which they consume often to meet non-instrumental needs. But designing technologies to support such interactions and needs whilst optimizing for user-experience (UX) can be problematic. Having too much to choose from may be unpleasant especially in the absence of strong preferences. Yet studies of people’s experiences with digital music listening have revealed that a shuffle-based approach – whereby people can abdicate choice to a random process not only mitigates the unpleasantness of choosing but also supports their non-instrumental needs while fostering engaging and even rich experiences such as serendipity.

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