LUV May Meeting – PHP_CodeSniffer, Inkscape

The May LUV meeting will include the usual Linux news and presentations on CodeSniffer by Avi Miller and Inkscape by Donna Benjamin.

* CodeSniffer. You need it. You want it. Be there. by Avi Miller

PHP_CodeSniffer is a PHP5 script that tokenises and “sniffs” PHP and JavsScript code to detect violations of a defined set of coding standards. It is an essential development tool that ensures that your code remains clean and consistent. It can even help prevent some common semantic errors made by developers.

This talk will show you how to use PHP_CodeSniffer to ensure your PHP and JavaScript adheres to your chosen coding standard. We will also look at how to create a new “sniff” that will check a particular coding standard requirement.

Avi is the MySource Matrix Product Evangelist for Squiz. As Product Evangelist, he is contractually obliged to deeply love MySource Matrix, a state greatly enhanced by strict adherence to coding standards (great plug!). Additional daily duties include pre-sales consulting, business analysis, information architecture, hand-holding, nappy changing and other professional tasks.

* Inkscaping for Fun and Profit by Donna Benjamin

Inkscape is an Open Source scalable vector graphic (SVG) editor. Forked from SodiPodi in 2003, Version 0.46 was released in late March 2008. Despite the low version number Inkscape is strong, stable, intuitive and ready for Prime Time. Donna will showcase Inkscape art and practical applications, demonstrate Vector Drawing techniques, and provide pointers on where to go to learn more.

Donna Benjamin runs her own business and procrastinates daily by exploring new features and bugs of the bleeding edge version of Inkscape. She has managed to find legitimate uses of the software for creating web graphics, re-recreating corporate logos and creating posters and banners. Creative Contingencies does customised web application development, hosting, research and meeting facilitation. Donna is also a board member of Open Source Industry Australia and was conference director for 2008.

Tuesday 6 May, 7pm sharp at The Buzzard Lecture Theatre. Evan Burge Building, Trinity College, Melbourne University Main Campus, Parkville.

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