Mobile Gaming – Mobile Monday Melbourne

Mobile Gaming is a booming sector come and learn more about the players and emerging business models. From the early days of low res, low complexity but highly addictive games like Nokia’s Snake, to the modern day big budget blockbusters such as Need for Speed:Most wanted and Medal of Honor:Airbourne with graphics to rival that of the PC, mobile gaming has always been at the forefront of mobile development.

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Enterprise Java – “Open Source in the Enterprise”

Learn about the pros and cons of the latest open source software for business and enterprise systems, including new opportunities, licensing and how to save money. Kevin Littlejohn, Director, Obsidian Systems will describe how his company has used open source in the development of their Jet Billing Engine. Chris Fleischmann, Senior Solutions Architect, Sun Microsystems and Luie Matthee Senior Solutions Architect, Redhat will present on their respective company’s open source strategies, recent acquisitions and product development. They will also provide examples of business usage of some of their open source offerings.

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