A meeting with Simon Phipp’s – Sun’s Chief Open Source Officer

The Victorian Java User Group and Sun are offering everyone the chance to meet with Simon Phipps – Sun’s chief open source officer.

From Sun:

We have an exciting opportunity to invite you to come meet Simon Phipp’s – Sun’s Chief Open Source Officer.

Simon believes that open source is the pivotal moment in IT, and is definitely heading for mainstream.

Please join us in the Sun offices at 2:00pm on Friday 30th May to hear Simon talk about the history, current status, and future challenges of open source including topics like :

* Changing the economic equation for IT : Now that the Internet has become pervasive, examples of open source abound, but also controversies, because “open source means different things to different people.” Still, the movement is spreading globally and changing the way of doing business, with development centers in China, India, and South America.
* Gartner predicting 90% : Traditionally conservative Gartner predicted a year ago that by 2012, 70 percent of all software will be based on open source. That percentage now reads 90!
* The “Adoption-Led Market” : IT managers must decide whether to hire support personnel; purchase subscriptions for support, training, warranty, and indemnity; or just risk it out. No matter what the choice, IT now has more control over on what and when to spend its budget.
* Open Source moves power from the vendor to the user : With open source there is (usually) no cost to acquire, no vendor lock-in, you pay at the point of value (hardware, warranty and services), and your investment is protected : your software costs are no longer sunk, they are running costs. This is the coming software market.
* Sun is the leader in Free and Open Source Software : Sun is both a technological and a thought leader. Sun seeds open source communities with cutting edge, unique technology.

DATE : Friday 30th May, 2008
TIME: 2:00pm (for 90 minutes)
Venue: Sun, Level 7, 476 St. Kilda Road

For more information visit http://mail.opensolaris.org/pipermail/ug-msosug/2008-May/000053.html.