Mercury, Networking – Linux Users of Victoria July Meeting

This months LUV meeting includes presentations on the Mercury programming language, Networking and the usual Linux news.

Tuesday 1 July, 7pm sharp at The Buzzard Lecture Theatre
Evan Burge Building, Trinity College, Melbourne University Main Campus, Parkville

* LUV News by Andrew Chalmers

* Mercury by Ralph Becket

Mercury is a new logic/functional programming language, which combines the clarity and expressiveness of declarative programming with advanced static analysis and error detection features. Its highly optimized execution algorithm delivers efficiency far in excess of existing logic programming systems, and close to conventional programming systems.
Mercury addresses the problems of large-scale program development, allowing modularity, separate compilation, and numerous optimization/time trade-offs.

* Networking by Steve Walsh

With only a half dozen switches, 45 access points, 3 Dell Desktops and a team of 4, the Network team for LCA08 was tasked with doing the near impossible – Deploying the entire network infrastructure for held at Melbourne Uni in January with only 3 days access to the venue.

The proof is in the pudding with the team delivering a number of firsts. A wireless network that was up on the Monday morning and that had a near 100% uptime for the conference, direct voip line at the Registration desk, secure wireless network, over 300Gb of traffic transferred to delegates, and over $3000 of traffic charges to the residential colleges.

Steve Walsh was the Network and Technical lead for 2008.

From the network design to running cables through ceiling space, Steve was responsible for the delivery and co-ordination of the technical aspects of Steve is also the Vice President of Linux Australia, a member of the LA system admin team, is contracting to ACU as a Senior Linux Admin, and in his copious free time enjoys reminding his wife what he looks like, as well as talking about himself in the third person.

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