HostInfo: Small Tools for Large Scale Sysadmin – SAGE-AU Victorian Chapter Meeting

This month the SAGE-AU Victorian chapter meeting will feature Dougal Scott talking about large scale system administration, in particular using a suite of tools he has developed called HostInfo.

DATE: Tuesday 8th July 2008 (2nd Tuesday of the month)

TIME: 7:00 PM till 8:00 PM

Ground Floor Tutorial Room, Baillieu Library
The University of Melbourne, Parkville

AGENDA: HostInfo: small tools for large scale sysadmin

Hostinfo is a suite of tools written by Dougal distilled from his decades of experience in looking after many different sites. Hostinfo allows a team of sysadmins to more efficiently look after a large number of servers. It can reduce the level of work required to make changes, make your documentation always up to date, allow a more proactive work flow and makes coffee for you in the morning. All of this is made from open source components, apart from the coffee module which is top secret and will never be mentioned again.

Come and find out how you can use hostinfo to be more like Dougal: a self-confessed lazy, ignorant sysadmin with a beard and still be more effective than most people at looking after thousands of servers at once.

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