Factors International: PET (Persuasion, Emotion & Trust) course

Persuasion, emotion, and trust (PET) are critical factors for creating successful online interactions. While traditional user-centered design focuses on designing for usability, it is now essential to leverage the science of PET to influence users.

Whether your site is e-commerce, informational, or transactional, PET Design teaches you how to motivate people to make decisions that lead to conversion.

The objectives of the course are as follows:

  • How to develop persuasive strategies and implement research-based methods throughout the design process to make your website more trustworthy and convincing.
  • Powerful techniques to probe the subtle motivations and emotional triggers that influence people’s reactions to your message, content, and offers. Understand how to create an effective design that appeals to users while achieving measurable business goals.
  • How to document and present PET Design research and user analysis with concrete deliverables, including personas, persuasion flow diagrams, emotion maps, and trust scorecards.

Date: 29th September – 1st October (i.e. 29/09, 30/09, 01/10)
Venue: ANZ Learning and Breakout Centre, 595 Collins St, Melbourne
Fee: AUD 1995 per participant.
Course Instructor: Eric Schaffer PhD, CEO of HFI Inc.
Further Information: http://www.humanfactors.com/downloads/documents/PETcourse.pdf
Bookings: http://www.humanfactors.com/training/scheduleAustralia.asp