Linux Users of Victoria April Meeting 2009

Date: Apr 7 2009 18:30
Location: The Buzzard Lecture Theatre. Evan Burge Building, Trinity College, Melbourne University Main Campus, Parkville.


* Sandrine Balbo – The Deakin University Learning Repository
* Arjen Lentz – Relax! A Failure is NOT an Emergency

After the meeting, come have dinner with us at Maria’s Trattoria! 122-124 Peel St

Before the meeting, LinuxChix will have a pre-LUV meetup from 6pm at the North Court; see their website for more details.

Here are the details of the talks:

The Deakin University Learning Repository by Sandrine Balbo

Presentation based on a paper to be presented at EDUCAUSE2009 in Perth.
Co-authors: Arlene Silvas, Kieron McGuire, Chao Li, Albert Penticoss.

This presentation will highlight the main business requirements and describe Deakin University’s solution to support a digital learning resource repository to be shared across faculties. The originality of the Deakin learning repository resides in the suite of learning resource collections supporting its various business objectives including the objective of managing intellectual property across all faculties of a multi-disciplinary educational institution.

Since finishing her PhD in Computer Science in 1994, at the University of Grenoble (France), Sandrine worked as a lecturer for both Bond (Gold Coast) and Melbourne Universities , as a research scientist for CSIRO (Sydney) and as an information architect for Modem Media (London), an online advertising company. She is now a business analyst for Deakin University, within their Knowledge Media Division ( Her interests cover requirements gathering, usability engineering and task modeling. Sandrine is actively involved in the HCI community. She is a reviewer for many international conferences and in Australia, she is the OZCHI liaison of CHISIG, the Australian HCI professional society (

Relax! A Failure is NOT an Emergency by Arjen Lentz

Modern geeks have a life. The trick is to keep it!

Many people regard the existence and occurrance of “emergency situations” as normal and inevitable, and I choose to challenge this. We don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night or across a weekend by blipping mobiles. Really.

Of course, I’m an argumentative Dutchie, but that merely explains why I don’t shy away from a topic – challenging the premise actually makes sound business and commercial sense both for companies as well as their clients and service providers (that is, upstream and downstream).

I’ll describe what this is all about and why I feel it’s important. With this new baseline, interesting possibilities open up. The basis is “prevention is better than a cure” but of course there’s more to it than that, as many will agree with that particular statement but then disagree with the naturally following assertion of “a failure is not an emergency”, for seemingly perfectly sensible reasons.

As concepts are best tested by trying to disprove them, we’ll try to identify scenarios where it might not work, and disect the “why?”. And finally, we’ll touch on the related slippery topic of “commercial risk”.

Arjen is the founding director of Open Query which focuses on delivering affordable training and proactive support for MySQL and related technologies.

Previously, Arjen helped build MySQL AB (2001-2007), co-founded Open Source Industry Australia, and led the team for Open Source Developers’ Conference 2007 in Brisbane. He has a keen interest in Open Source development, and sustainable business models.

Arjen lives in a green Western suburb of Brisbane together with his 4 year old daughter Phoebe, and black cat Figaro.


The Buzzard Lecture Theatre, Evan Burge Building, Trinity College Main Campus Parkville Melways Map: 2B C5

Notes: Trinity College’s Main Campus is located off Royal Parade. The Evan Burge Building is located near the Tennis Courts. Maps of Trinity and the surrounding area (including its relation to the city) can be found at:

Parking can be found along or near Royal Parade, Grattan Street, Swanston Street and College Crescent. Parking within Trinity College is unfortunately only available to staff. If you are interested in coming to dinner afterwards, it may be advisable to park on the Swanston St side of Melbourne University.

For those coming via Public Transport, the number 19 tram (North Coburg – City) passes by the main entrance of Trinity College (around stop 12). The city end of this tram departs from the Elizabeth Street tram terminus (Flinders Street end). Timetables can be found on-line at:


Before and/or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to join other members for dinner. We are open to suggestions for a good place to eat near our venue. Maria’s on Peel Street in North Melbourne is currently the most popular place to eat after meetings.

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