Open Query Dev/DBA training days for MySQL (6,7,8 April 2009)

Open Query currently have the following Dev/DBA course days scheduled in Melbourne, and seats are still available:

  • Mon 6 Apr: MySQL Optimisation by Design
  • Tue 7 Apr: MySQL Locking, Transactions & Storage Engine Optimisation
  • Wed 8 Apr: MySQL Query/Server Performance Analysis and Tuning

These days are very handy regardless of whether you’re a developer or a DBA, and even very experienced users find use in these days.

To quote Melbournian Jonathan Oxer: “I’ve done talks about MySQL all over the world and thought I knew it reasonably well, but [attending Open Query training] I learned 4 significant new things in the first 40 minutes.”

To make your booking, simply use this form:

The pricing is $475 per day for the Monday and the Tuesday, and $575 for the Wednesday. If you’re a student or educator, you can participate for a mere $100/day. Yes really, seriously. You can find out more information at