Web Content Management Masterclass

Optimizing web content performance, usability, functionality and accessibility to improve your web content ROI.


As the technology evolves at such fast pace, the online users are expecting the highest quality online experience and fast web performances. Therefore, delivering compelling features and content as well the overall web accessibility is a must-do, in order to maximise the gains and ROI of your websites and intranets in this competitive business environment.

Web Content Management Masterclass aims to examine what works and what not in enhancing the overall online reputation.

Listed below is the summary of the 2-day training

·         Overview of web content management best practices
·         Information and data governance
·         Web content management performance optimization
·         User-centric web content – Information architecture, SOA and design philosophy
·         Intranet optimization

·         Cost effective content management systems
·         Leadership and project management in web content
·         Innovative web contents
·         Reliable and sustainable web content systems to ensure long term viability

22ND – 23RD November 2010