Open Source Developers Conference 2011

The Open Source Developers’ Conference (OSDC) is an event that is designed for developers, by developers coveringa a range of programming languages across a range of operating systems. There will be a range of great presentations from presenters including Kate Lundy and Damian Conway.

Date: 16th – 18th November 2011
Location: Manning Clark Center, Australian National University, Canberra

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SANS Perth 2011

Attend SANS first-ever training program in Western Australia, SANS Perth 2011. SANS will be conducting its most popular hands-on Information Security course.

SANS Perth is a great chance to maximise your training time and your career in security by learning the full SANS Security Essentials curriculum which you need to qualify for the GSEC certification.

Date: 12th – 17th December 2011

Location: Pan Pacific Perth, 207 Adelaide Terrace Perth

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SANS Sydney 2011

Join the SANS Sydney conference for all things Security and IPv6 Essentials, Audit, Network Forensics and Advanced Pen Testing

SANS is putting up its latest course in Network Forensics, IPv6 Essentials and Advanced Penetration Testing in combination with its core programs in Audit and Security Essentials.

Date: 11th November – 19th November 2011
Location: 36 College Street, Sydney

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The 5th Annual CoachingClub Conference 2012

The coming 2012 CoachingClub Conference will revolve around the theme GROWTH – plan, manage and achieve your ultimate goals!

There will be a great selection of presentations on concepts and ideas which will complement the learning modules covered in your coachingclub meetings. It’s also a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas with members in different coaching club groups.

Date: 11th March – 15th March 2012

Location: Hamilton Island Conference Centre, Hamilton Island, Queensland

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AISA National Conference

Join the AISA National Conference 2011 with over 500 other information security and IT professionals. The broad theme of the event is ‘Revolution’ and the speakers will challenge some of the traditional thinking around information security and IT risk and also focus on new ways for organisations to remain secure in a challenging online operating environment.

Internationally renowned security experts Bruce Schneier, Marcus Ranum, John Stewart and Paul Henry are confirmed speakers, with more high profile speakers expected to join this exciting line up.

Date: 9th November 2011
Location: Sydney Convention Centre, Sydney

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Domainers Networking Night

Cooper Mills, Netfleet and MailGuard are holding a Domainers’ Networking Night.

Date: 5th October 2011
Location: Saint & Rogue, 582 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

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