AusCERT 2013

AusCert 2013 is the annual AusCERT Information Security Conference and this year’s theme is “This time, it’s personal” reflecting the growth in attacks and unauthorised disclosures of online personal info. Motivated by illicit financial gain, cyber criminals obtain unauthorised access to personal information, but also data disclosures being posted publicly by attackers for political motives, rather than financial gain.

The theme will resonate and remind us the online environment provides opportunities galore to capture personal information. The conference will explore the impact these breaches and the importance of information security to prevent attack with presentations from a range experts from Australia and around the world to provide insight and solutions.

Date: 20 – 24 May 2013
Location: RACV Royal Pines Resort, Surfers Paradise

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IAB training: Digital Fundamentals

For those new to digital, or just looking to expand their knowledge, this highly practical 2 day session will introduce delegates to all the fundamental pillars of digital and why they are so important in the marketing mix today. Includes modules on search, display, mobile, social media and measurement.

Date: 20 – 21 June 2013
Location: TressCox Lawyers, 469 La Trobe Street, #9, Melbourne

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Big Data and Product Development

UI, UX and Big Data: These aren’t just buzzwords, they’re important to anyone involved in product development. This class takes you through the process of data-driven product design – from wireframes to implementation, testing and analysing results, and using data to iterate.

This session would be beneficial for anyone involved in product development and product management, including agencies and startups. Perhaps you’re looking to make improvements to your product and want to make strategic decisions about where to focus your effort. Learn about the tools that lean product designers use, and gain tips for turning the data at your fingertips into useful, actionable insight.

Date: 21 May 2013
Location: General Assembly Sydney, 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney

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How to Raise Seed Capital

Money makes the world go around, and can also help you take your startup to the next level more quickly. This session will provide a step-by-step, insider’s view of the process of raising seed capital for your business. It will tackle the following common questions about raising seed capital:

Who are the most common seed investors? (Angels, friends and family, investor networks, sophisticated investors):

  • Where do I start and what should I prepare?
  • What’s the typical timeline for the seed funding process?
  • How can I be more effective and efficient in targeting, pitching, and negotiating seed capital?
  • Students will leave with a clear sense of whether seed funding is a good option for their startup, and next steps for finding the right sources.

Date: 22 May 2013
Location: 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney

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Responsive Web Design & Development Workshop Series

Responsive digital design has become an increasingly common request from clients, and understanding how to design and build for multiple devices is now a core part of the toolkit for any web designer or developer.

In this workshop series, we will be covering the challenges that designers and developers face when creating responsive websites, and working through solutions. You will gain a strong understanding of what responsive web design is, and the process of building responsive sites.

Date: 1 – 2 June 2013
Location: 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney

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Devops Downunder 2013

Devopsdays events are held in multiple locations worldwide. They are bringing Devops Downunder in 2013 to Sydney. It is a conference that brings together development and operations.

Date: 13 July 2013
Location: Aerial UTS Function Centre, Ultimo, Sydney

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