Melbourne SEO Meetup – July

The Melbourne SEO meetup was founded in 2011 and is a great way to meet up with other like minded individuals in the industry, in a relaxed and informal session on digital and web marketing. The group share tips and advice on becoming a better web marketer or developer (whether you’re a sole trader or part of large agency).

Date: 10 July 2013
Location: South Melbourne

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From Macro to Micro: How Big Should Your Services Be? – YOW! Night

From Macro to Micro: How Big Should Your Services Be? Presented by Sam Newman, Technical Consultant, ThoughtWorks.

Join us for our next YOW! Night for 2013 to hear popular international speaker Sam Newman. Learn about the popular new micro services architectural pattern and how you it might assist you in your environment.

About The Presentation – Lots of people are talking about Micro Services. But how micro is micro? And while we’re at it, what is a micro service anyway? This session will briefly introduce the concept of microservices, and why they are important. But then we’ll focus on the tough questions. If you’re starting with a big, monolithic system, how should you split it up? When are microservices right for you? This talk looks at the competing forces from Conways Law to Operations, which can help you make the right decisions about service granularity and just how ‘micro’ you should go.

Melbourne – 2 July 2013 –
Sydney – 3 July 2013 –
Brisbane – 8 July 2013 –

Lean UX Bootstrap Cycle: 4-Part Workshop Series

Lean UX is the practice of incorporating the Lean Methodology into User Experience to bring the true nature of our work to light faster. Detailed design cycles are replaced in favour of short, iterative, low-fidelity cycles, with feedback coming from all members of the implementation team and users, as early and as often as possible.

This fast-paced workshop series is not for the faint hearted or for those who want to sit back and be told theory. The techniques will be introduced, however the bulk of our time will be spent doing hands-on
activities. All of the outputs in this two week course flow into the next session. By the end of the workshop series, each participant will have a holistic view of how each Lean UX technique works in conjunction with the others – and other applications.

Date: 1 – 10 July 2013
Location: 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney

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Sydney QS Meetup Chat and Show & Tell

The Sydney QS Show & Tell meetup consists of presentations sharing personal experiences and observations with self-tracking, quantifying and bio-hacking.

Date: 9 July 2013
Location: ATP Innovations, National Innovations Centre, 4 Cornwallis Street, Sydney

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Ecommerce Workshop: Understanding the What, Why & How of Online Retail

In stark contrast to the doom and gloom of the retail industry in Australia, the online retail sector is thriving… do you want to get involved and start your own ecommerce store? With off the shelf content management systems and shopping carts readily available and product suppliers realising online stores can be very effective sales funnels, launching an online store is now easier (and cheaper) than ever.

This workshop is designed to provide you with a holistic view of the ecommerce ecosystem. Suitable for those running their own ecommerce store, those in the early stages of development or even those working in the industry and wanting to get a better understanding of all aspects of the process.

Date: 27 June 2013
Location: 608 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney

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Social Media Day 2013

Mashable’s fourth annual Social Media Day is coming. It was originally launched in 2010 to recognise the digital revolution happening around the world. Join fellow social media enthusiasts by hosting or attending a Social Media Day Meetup in your area. Visit our Social Media Day website for resources and more information:

The #SocialMelb community will be celebrating the connected generation for Melbourne’s Social Media Day – 2nd annual unconference which consists of approximately five session time slots in three collaborative spaces, all of which will be planned by attendees on the Session Grid. Each session will run for approximately 20 minutes with the day finishing at 8pm.

Date: 30 June 2013
Location: Inspire9, 41 Stewart St, Richmond

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