Melbourne SEO Meetup – August

The Melbourne SEO meetup was founded in 2011 and is a great way to meet up with other like minded individuals in the industry, in a relaxed and informal session on digital and web marketing. The group share tips and advice on becoming a better web marketer or developer (whether you’re a sole trader or part of large agency).

Date: 7 August 2013
Location: South Melbourne

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Data Science

We Teach Core Skills.

Applying your math and computing skills to make meaning out of large data sets.

Learning how to manipulate big data by using various toolsets such as Hadoop & AWS.

Learning how to make predictions about data using fundamental modeling techniques that will help you make better informed business decisions.

Date: 2 September 2013 – 13 November 2013
Location: Sydney

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User Experience Design

We Teach Core Skills.

Apply best practices as you analyze problems and create effective designs.

Express design ideas through sitemaps, userflows, and wireframes.

Create and communicate solutions to business problems that meet customer goals.

Date: 29 July – 16 October 2013
Location: Sydney

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Introductory GIS skills for Science and Humanities Data

This one-day introductory course is aimed at people who need to do more with their science & humanities data, specifically linking it with a GIS. No prior knowledge of GIS is required, and the renowned open source Quantum GIS (QGIS) software is provided to all course participants. No matter what platform you are using in your regular work, whether QGIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo etc, the basic techniques remain the same and management of science & humanities data proceeds in the same way. Information will be provided for your specific platform, if required.

Date: 24 July 2013
Location: Brisbane

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Fundamentals of Integrating a Database into GIS

This short course introduces the topic of external databases and their integration into GIS. Some background knowledge of databases and GIS is helpful, but not required. Familiarity with science & humanities terminology is advantageous, but not required.

The course covers:

  • What is a database? Using data appropriately
  • Attribute tables in GIS and when do we need a database?
  • Science & humanities databases – common formats
  • Database design for GIS – linking tables and external databases
  • Common Query types
  • Import and export functions

We will use the renowned open source Quantum GIS (QGIS) software, but specific information can be given for other platforms such as ArcGIS and MapInfo.

Date: 25 July 2013
Location: Brisbane

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Business Process Management Conference

Business Process Management Conference Adapting and Embracing Disruptive Change in Your Business Environment with BPM.

Australia’s Leading Business Process Innovate and Inspire Opportunity As part of the CeBIT Global conferences series, Business Process Management is a dedicated exhibition and conference designed to reinvigorate the view of BPM in light of new business operating environments, evolving customer needs and the rise of disruptive technologies in everyday work practices.

Rapidly changing business environments and customer needs are directly impacting your business capability. It’s time to revive and inspire your thinking around BPM opportunities!

Date: 4 – 5 September 2013
Location: The Menzies Sydney

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