Top 10 Public Cloud Security Recommendations

With everything moving to the cloud, the infrastructure needs to be secure and resourceful, but your data in the public cloud are only as secure as you make them.

To learn about the top 10 considerations for securing your public cloud workloads. You will hear about:

  • the shared security model and what you’re responsible for
  • how to minimise your exposure to risk in the cloud
  • your security options and how to evaluate them, plus more!

Melbourne Tech Showcase- January

Melbourne Tech Showcase- a monthly event to showcase different technology companies, platforms and innovative projects. Is has been designed to aim to inspire everyone to achieve amazing innovation with their technological enabled products and services.

TOM: Melbourne 2017 Makeathon

This is a 3-day event designed to help people make a difference to those who have a disability. It has been put together to challenge you and to help develop hardware and software product prototypes which are designed to meet needs that people with disabilities identify as important to them. There will engineers, designers, developers and makers who will work together with those who understand the needs. You will be creating solutions, make new connections and share experiences.

BuzzConf Technology Festival

BuzzConf is a family-friendly technology festival with a really unique atmosphere – all participants and presenters spend the weekend together in country Victoria, learning and playing with tech during the day and being entertained by live music all night!

HR Tech Conference

This event has been designed for small businesses, marketing department or even agencies who don’t know anything when it comes to search engine optimisation; if your role is related to driving sales, visitors and customers – this is for the event for you! You will learn the basics including writing copy, local search, keyword search plus much more!

Future Assembly

This conference includes halls packed full with different technologies from around the world! And you will get to meet every person who created them. You will increase your knowledge and understanding by experiencing talks on future of everything. There will also be workshops which are designed to provide your with more skills required in this industry.