Australian Testing Days

This two-day conference is designed for you to learn all about testing, how it is done and different aspects around it.
There is a line up of different speakers including: Anne-Marie Charrett, Quality Engineering Consultant, Trainer & coach; Peter Bartlett, Quality Practice Lead; Jeremy Nagel, Full Stack Developer plus many more!

Cyber in Business Melbourne Conference

This event has been designed for those who are non-technical business decision makers. It is a one-day conference which gives you the knowledge and skills to interpret & tackle cyber threats facing your organisation no matter how large or small.


This event is all about security! It brings together the best and brightest security talent within the Australia-Pacific region. It includes live presentations, activities and demonstrations. It has a laid back environment for all delegates so that they can network with their colleagues, be engaged and collaborate with a range of like-minded people.

Tech23 2017

Tech23 is back again! It is where homegrown innovation can be recognised and celebrated. The event brings together investors, entrepreneurs and innovators who are needed support to those tackling big challenges with tech.

Each speaker will have 5minutes to showcase their business and they will receive feedback from Industry Leaders from VC and angel investors, potential enterprise customers and successful entrepreneurs.

AnnexaWorld 2017

This event has been put together and welcomes innovators and game changes from around Australia. You will learn from key architects and the companies who have experienced the effects of cloud solutions. You will discover new thinking, new systems and new innovations that are transforming the global business landscape.

Under The Hood- Marketing Technology Explored

Do you want to hear from 3 Digital Marketing leaders about what platforms, tools and setup they use for their marketing? You will hear about the programs and systems that they use and implement to run their marketing. At the event each speaker will share their top 3 free online tools which will be complied in a list for you.